EIGHT WEBHOSTING is a pack of eight years of quality webhosting at a very low cost. It provides you with:

  • Unlimited WordPress Installations.
  • Unlimited Free SSL Certificates.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • Premium Drag-and-Drop Website Builder throughout 8 years without any monthly free.

“Join the thousands of satisfied customers that WON’T be paying us month-after-month, year-after-year for rock solid
webhosting and domain names.

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Dear Friend,

It happens to millions of customers every year!
Are you one of the millions of customers that have you signed up for $2.95/mo. hosting only to find out the renewal is $8.95/mo. – $11.95/mo.? Up to a 400% price increase?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that after you sign up for web hosting, you won’t pay again for 96 months! And when you need to renew, your original purchase price is guaranteed… Forever?

Each and every month you’ll save on your hosting and domain renewal fees. A penny saved is a penny earned. That’s guaranteed money in the bank every month

Have you ever had your hosting go down or your domain disappear because your hosting invoice was sent to your spam folder? How costly and embarrassing is that? And to add insult to injury, your web host wants to charge you a late fee, a data recovery fee as well as a $100+ domain restoration fee.

Join our customers putting their web hosting and domain money in the bank every month, and never experiencing outages because they missed their web hosting renewal invoices. We send 1 hosting invoice for every 96 monthly invoices our competition sends.

How Can Provide Eight Years Of Hosting For A Single Payment?

One of the main reasons we can provide eight years is because we don’t provide unlimited hosting. Let’s face it, you don’t need unlimited hosting – some clients require it but that’s probably not you. Maybe 1 in 1,000 customers needs this. And guess what happens with unlimited hosting providers? Every “average” customer pays to subsidize the high resource user. And every “average” customer gets slower service when the high resource user consumes more than average. Not with Eight Webhosting – we offer fair and reasonable resources for a great price.

Another reason we can provide this is that we have the infrastructure, the capacity, and the staff. Running a huge discounted hosting offer is pretty easy when you’re already paying for the resources.

It’s like when a cruise ship gives you a great “last minute discount” since they have to pay for the ship whether it’s full or not. Same thing for us – we pay the staff and the datacenter regardless of if we are using all of the resources.