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Why use Dragon City Hack Tool

First of all, as we know there are two main currencies in the game that are Gold, Gems, and Food in Dragon City games. It takes a long time to create currencies in the form of Gems, Gold and Food. If you want to get fast, you can buy with real money from the game store. Besides that, Dragon City Hack is also a great tool to help you get lots of Gold, Gems, and Food instantly. Additionally, you will automatically receive a free gift card from our sponsor. Let’s discuss more detail about this.


Gold needed to buy the dragon of the various elements, improving existing dragons, and more. You can easily run out of Gold in Dragon City games, so you have to play strategically. Building a habitat is the easiest way to get gold; and among a variety of habitats, fire and water allows you to earn a lot of money. Remember to increase the habitat regularly so that the amount of currency you earn increasing rapidly. Gold can also be obtained by logging into the game every day or can be purchased for real money from the game store. You can also use another method, Cheat Dragon City will help you get lots of gold instantly.


Gems are the special in-game money so are difficult to earn. To earn a smaller amount of Gems, you need to complete various quests. When you reach a new level of the game, you earn limited quantities of Gems as a reward. Subscribing to the game’s social media accounts will make you earn one-time Gems. Players can even purchase Gems with real cash or generate a number of Gems by using Dragon City Gem Generator. You should spend Gems wisely for purchasing premium items or for enhancing the breeding process.


Food is most important resource of the game. Because you will require plenty of it to feed your dragons. Due to the number of dragons keeps growing, some gamers fall short of food. If you do not have enough food to serve all your dragons. For the reason that you should feed those dragons that earn a maximum amount of Gold. The way to acquire food on the game is by farming. So, you should concentrate on building more farms for feeding your dragons and to become powerful in the game.

Each farm will cost you in-game currencies to ensure that you research well and grow only those crops that harvest quickly and make you earn a greater reward. For instance, you can consider growing Dragon Bell, Hot Dragon Chili, etc. On your farm as they require very less time to harvest. Whenever you need food urgently for your dragons, you can receive it as a gift from your gaming friends. Don’t forget to return the favor back to them by gifting food.

Dragon City Cheat Engine – Features

Our Dragon City Cheats working on versions for iOS, Android and Facebook games. In this website, you will go to cheat this game to earn gold, food, and gems for free without cost. The hacking process is very simple and easy that won’t be in anywhere else. Cheating based on an online app. That means you won’t be required to download any tool or software, it’s right on your web browser.