Arena of Valor Cheat

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Tencent Games publishes the amazing multiplayer online battle arena game “Arena Of Valor”. The game is available on Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch. You have to battle against other online players by assembling a team of five warriors. Arena of Valor also features PVE missions. You must complete various missions at each level. The higher your level, the harder it is.

Although this is a free game to play, there are lots of items that can be purchased with in-game currency. With fewer items, you will not be going anywhere. Lots of players are willing to spend lots of money to buy it to get additional items to their account. These currencies are difficult to acquire, so many gamers lose their interest while playing the game. In order to understand the Arena of Valor game better, you need to know more about these currencies.

Arena of Valor Currencies


The main in-game currency is Gold. You can buy Heroes and their gear using Gold. Almost all Heroes and their equipment can be bought in the game by using Gold, excluding some premium items. Earning Gold is very easy. You acquire them by playing PVP and PVE battles in the game. You also earn Gold by logging into the game for a certain number of days in a row and by playing some number of battles each day. However, the amount of Gold that you earn is limited. Furthermore, it is advisable to make use Arena Of Valor Hack for generating loads of Gold instantly.


The secondary in-game currency is Gems. Using gems you can shop for extraordinary items such as special chests, experience, and Gold boost cards. in the game you can get gems by completing various achievements expressed in achievement in the game tab or by using Arena Of Valor Cheats 2018 . You can get additional gems for free when you log in each day and gem bonuses over the weekend.